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November 11, 2013


Genie - Paris and Beyond

I am in Paris now and I wish that you were here so that I could meet you! I love your book and your posts about Paris... Les bons esprits se rencontrent.


Colleen for Swede

I enjoyed this post. I am suffering Paris withdrawal also.


Sukey, people have been telling me they had plenty of experiences when paris was too hot for comfort. I must have left before global warming :(

Elizabeth Mackey

Always at this time of year I miss Paris. While living there, it was my favorite time of the year I must say. At every turn you see something beautiful in Paris. I had someone once describe the difference between London and Paris. London is more masculine and Paris feminine. I would have to completely agree with this statement. While there are many aspects of London that I find interesting, my heart belongs to Paris!!!


Last time I was in Paris it was over 100' not so great but your post was wonderful


Thanks Erin, I think you came up with just the word: intoxicating. I'm working on a book about the city, and I have to make sure to include this in my list of adjectives :)


What a beautiful way to sum up the captivating and intoxicating qualities of Paris. I fell in love with Paris many years ago and have had the pleasure and privilege of returning every few years since. I completely relate to that almost unabating desire to just push life's responsibilities aside to wonder those mystical streets again. What I love so much about Paris is that no matter how familiar the city becomes to me, it still catches me off guard with it's endless neighborhoods, passages and hidden gems of history. Thank you for so eloquently sharing this fond memory of yours. For a few moments this evening, I felt as though I were overlooking the Seine with you.

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