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December 16, 2012


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Oh, yeah..and...Happy New Year!!!!


I move, a lot...not always from country to country, and so far, nowhere as exotic as Shanghai (oh, how I wish), but I do understand that feeling. Of not really settling. Not unpacking the last box for months, cause maybe you are about to go again. Of starting over. And over. And over. It's been that way since I was a kid, and because if that, I have always been able to feel "home" wherever I am..because "home" is not the dwelling, but the people I am with. Home is where my family is. It makes it easier. The rest is just something that comes and goes, and changes...fun to get used to, but not the important stuff.

Now, the *real* important stuff....do you make lemon bars with eggs??? I have always loved the idea of them...but every time I look at a recipe, it's made with eggs, which we don't eat. I am sure I could find a version online with none, but I am always suspicious of them...so often people of the vegan, or vegetarian, meat-free persuasion are just happy to have something that resembles what they remember, but actually have no taste-buds!!! (Ok, an exaggeration..some of them do...but man, sometimes that stuff is scary!!)

Love your lights....my favorite part of Christmas..

mlle paradis

Bonnes Fetes!

Playing with Scarves

Super post tout en nuances, fait autant de gaité que de tristesse. J'aime ton envie et ton besoin de partage, Corine, pour compenser les horreurs de notre monde. Quant au blog de Véronique, il a l'air super. Merci de nous l'avoir fait découvrir.
Aujourd'hui j'avais envie de commenter en français... Why... I don't know. Maybe my way to feel I don't belong to a world where it is so easy to kill innocent children....
Joyeux Noël à toi et aux tiens (très joli ton sapin au mur).
Bizzz de Floride
Anne (Playing with Scarves)


Making lemon bars and giving them away to strangers fills my heart with love. I agree that in times of grief and tragedy, giving to others is the answer!

I also like your decorations for Noël. Very lovely!

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