Hidden In France

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October 01, 2012


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Bookstore like this would be the perfect fit in my house ;)

hena tayeb

I remember the water fountains.. we had actually waited to see someone drink from it before we did... it seemed a bit suspicious.
As for the book store, love it. I wish everyone respected books and writers that much.

mlle paradis

love the picture of the bookstore too. could i use it in a book-ey post someday?

would love to have such a shop....so that i wouldn't have to worry about my home turning into such a place - and someone i love meeting their demise under a crumbled tower of books.

i'm very invested in the idea that whoever owns that shop knows EXACTLY where to find whatever book it is being sought. my husband thinks i have a brain like that.

i do not.


I love the picture of the bookstore ! It's funny because I had the same kind of bookstore in my neighborhood in Chicago and each time I wondered how they could still be alive !

Ah Paris ! Ah France ! I miss you so much !!

Thanks Corine for these lovely and unsual pictures !

Playing With Scarves

Dear Corine,
This was a delightful post as usual.
I think I have the answer about the Parisian fountains... Actually, Parisians will let their dog poop on the sidewalk BUT they will certainly not drink directly from a fountain. Not stylish and polite enough. One more French paradox!!!
I also posted a comment on Sandra's blog and said how much I enjoyed reading your interview.
The three of us should really meet in Paris. We would have a blast!

sherri mccormick

Corine, You are such a good writer. You entertain me so!
I love you book. We have your button on our blog on our website so that all of our friends may learn about you.
You make me long to return to Paris also.

My Best to you

Penny Herring

Hi Corine,
I LOVE the book law in France to keep out the big box sellers. So many little independent guys are gone...so sad. We do have a great one in Ojai... have you ever been to Barts Books? You would love it! All pre-owned but fabulous ambiance... and mostly outside.
Ahhh, Paris. I need to plan a trip... can't believe my hubby has never been! Thanks for the reminder : )

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