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September 13, 2012


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Soo uplifting and clean looking! A great encouragement to not be so grownup and instead make my daily life more fun. After all, the home should be a place of personal restoration and a source of happiness. Thanks for sharing!


OH!!! i looooove it!! is sooo kitsch so colorful so bright i love it!!!


Great post! I love your blog.
glad I found it! hx


How gorgeous and colourful!! Definitely not what comes to mind when I think of Scandinavian design ;)

lissy parker

Love this color! Pink is the color of Happy!
xo, Lissy

Playing With Scarves

Hi Corine,
It sounds like you gonna to have a fun time with your Mom. LOL. Could be worse - like ... having a mother in law at home for three months!
If our home was girlie, I think my husband would have divorced a long time ago (if not killed me!). Not easy to impose your views when you are the only woman at home (one husband, two sons BUT a female dog - not always supportive to me I have to say...). I started a new strategy a while ago: taking out of a drawer one of these girlie knick knack I love. One by one. Slowly. And it works. But I doubt I could turn our house in the colorful one you present. Too bad. It's lovely, refreshing and fun.


Very colourful and pink - enough to lift your spirits.

pat griffith

I love the big sink and the lamp in the last photo - and the pink enamel floors and the fun colors lots of eye candy .


I love it, really love it. But it is not only girly, it seems also preschool-y no? not your mature classical style of a house.

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