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August 05, 2012


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Kit Golson

YOU are so funny! and Kauai is all that and more I agree totally.. bring on the water.. so beautiful! did you find the spring with the giant rope swing? I think I read they shut that down... I climbed up there and took a swing and dropped thirty feet into the water.. what a rush!!

love this, it's good to see you again I have had a rough summer good to be back. will gladly host a giveaway of your book BTW

bious funny lady!



Def a shower tree. I adore them. :D Sometime come over through Oahu and say hi.

North Kingsfield

Seeing this photos justify your share because the images are simply a nature's beauty which truly an explainable creation that only our Creator made.

vicki archer

Kauai looks beautiful Corine... enjoy your precious water... soak until your heart's content... I know how wonderful that can feel... Happy holiday... xv

mlle paradis

oh too bad you live on the "west side". i feel the same about that part of l.a. but over here l.a. does have soul and there is wonderful architecture!

that said, i should spend less time in honolulu and more in kauai (haven't been in ages). it is all about nature in hawaii...it still turns me inside out. and that's a cassia tree tho they call it "shower tree" there.

and yeah, i don't hang much on "estates" in HI. lucky you! you must know some "descendants".

welcome back.

Jan Heck

Thank yop so much for sharing so much of the beauty you encountered. Sharing that beauty
must give you great pleasure knowing not everyone can or eve will be able to go to such
wonderful places. I have been to Maui and it is breathtaking to see such raw beauty as
we saw there.


Pretty pictures - Sound like you had a great time. It's hot and mostly dry here in Florida, also. I know exactly what you're talking about - With water restrictions...keeping lawn, flowers and trees green -
The flowering tree could be a Plumeria!


This is very strange for some reason when I woke this morning I thought that it was ages since you had done a post - and when I switched on the computer - there you were. This is always happening to me - is it called sixth sense or something. Anyway it sounds like you feel refreshed after your break - it looks a beautiful place. Sadly here in the UK we have had our fair share of rain this summer and feels as if summer is almost over before it has begun.

Timothy Terpening

Nice post, Corine. The pics are beautiful. Wish I was there. Why do I live in Indiana?

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