Hidden In France

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August 13, 2012


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non geographic numbers

I love to collect colorful things for my house because this makes my place so lively and attracted.I wish there is a store like that near in my place. They got all I need..


Oh, that store is so beyond lovely!


oh my Gosh!! so pretty so kitsch so cute so pink i love them all!! i can't help myself with colors but everything in Antoine et Lily is amazing!!! nice post

Elizabeth Mackey

The difference is that in LA you have some seriously good AC everywhere you go. When I lived in Paris in 2003 during that very scary heat wave that lasted two weeks, there was NO where really to go to cool off, since the city is not normally this hot. The humidity plus scary temps equaled many deaths!!!

I live in the Bay Area, and when I moved back from France, I swore I would never complain about the heat we get here.

I love Paris with a passion, but oy vey they need to vamp up their AC systems!!

mlle paradis

antoine et lili yes. synchronized swimming - ehhhhhhh .... not so much. strange yes!


Oh yes i was at the dr. Today and I heard about the temp in LA ouch. I love these pics corine and looking forward to walking around Paris in the fall, even in the rain.

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