Hidden In France

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April 16, 2012


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I just bought your cookbook and found your blog. What a treat. Congratulations!


Congratulations Corine, wonderful achievement for you and great fun for us to enjoy. Have a marvelous trip.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

Thank you for sharing that marvelous dream image, Corine! In the Robert Moss school of dreaming we play a game "if it were my dream". If this was my dream I would note that Ted Andrews of "Animal Speak" book says the pacific humpback whale symbolizes the song of new birth. He says "We will find ways to use our voice more effectively in all aspects of life" when the whale shows up for us. He further says that it represents a "one year cycle at play in which our creative powers of sound and voice will develop". Couple that with Jamie Sams who says that the whale is the "Record Keeper" with access to ancient knowledge and that feeling of knowing without being able to say how we know something, we just do. If this were my dream these things would resonate for me...and I am on a bridge that is taking me to new territory. The whales making wet flips--emotions running high, happy, dizzying! Things happening fast! Each whale perhaps a new book with bigger audience than the next! xoxoxo

sabina deshazo

Congratualtions, Corine -- wonderful!! xx's


These are just amazing comfort foods. wow my mouth is watering. lol


Congratulations that is amazing! I love the dream too. You are a talented writer and deserve the kudos.

To Susan (commenter) - just do as I did and download the Kindle app to your computer and/or android phone. You can then download anything that a Kindle can get off of Amazon. Here is the link: http://www.amazon.com/gp/feature.html/ref=kinw_dp_pub?ie=UTF8&docId=1000493771


Congratulations! xx


You go girl! we are proud of you, taking over the cookbook world and all!

vicki archer

Congratulations Corine... This is wonderful... xv


Oh, I've never wanted an e-book reader more:( Whine.

Congratulations, though! Very much. xoxo


Enjoy your trip to Paris! I also downloaded your cookbook and look forward to trying some of your recipes!

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