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February 06, 2012


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Angie, do they have calorie counters for this? I rather burn calories that way too...

Angie Muresan

Hmm... I've substituted exercise for sex. That way I get two things out of the way. Haha.

Penny Herring

I was feeling terribly guilty about ignoring my blog lately but I'm happy to see I'm not the only one! Hehehe. How is it possible to be busier AFTER the holidays?? I've been traveling a lot too....fun but takes the air out of the sails a bit! And yes, a little bit lazy during the busy-ness too : ) Love your new found images...Hope all is well! Cheers, Penny

Reylan | Labor Posters

Where those flowers came from? I think it only grows in Japan.


Glorious images Corine!!
Glad you are in a good place!!!



perfection. just what i needed visually and spiritually. i read an article in the new york times recently about yoga injuries even among famous gurus, and i've been giving myself a break since then, not wanting to push myself too hard. making exercise work for me basically rather than the other way around. so liberating. and so much kinder to my arthritic wrists. thank you for validating my plan!


I LOVE that first image. Have to steal it for my Pinterest. I am an image hoarder.

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