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December 06, 2011


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I luuuve this too! I like giraffe and butterfly ones but all fantastic image.

I'm really in love with the colourful artwork.

lissy parker

I just love the butterfly! Thank you for sharing this artist


Thanks for sharing this artist.... the pictures are very jovial!


good advice from the above Librarian. My husband is a retired City Librarian and he dealt with this kind of stuff all the time.Make an appt to see the person in charge and in your usual way be nice and explain calmly what happened and how you'd like the situation resolved. good luck.
you will love PDX...there is great food, great art museum and terrific art all over the place...plus nature very nearby.

Charlotte K

I'm a librarian, and the people who are at the desks where you turn in books, are rarely librarians (they are usually part time clerical staff who have a lot of stress dealing with a large number of people of varying levels of civility). I'd suggest you contact the dept head or the library director, depending on the issues involved in the argument, and let him/her know the books have now gone missing since you had an argument with a member of staff. It's the job of the manager to deal with the situation in a fair way. This may not be an isolated incident on the part of the staff, and staff who have access to users' records should never be allowed to take that kind of revenge action.


This jellyfish is simply glorious. Sorry about the crappy week. I say go to the library and actually do cry really really loud in front of the librarian. That would freak him (or her) out.


i think i am very close to one. you are going to portland!
the librarians here are elderly woman who are so sweet, that i secretly wish
they would invite me for dinner:)!

yes, people do shitty things- people need to control something and even if that means hiding your books, i am sorry that happened- now how do we link his name to a bad website, like i am a republican and i make clothes for ferets or i like wearing my grandma's underwear while petting my cat!

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