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September 19, 2011


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My husband won't do poison, so no collars, no spray or fumes and none of those miraculous drops you can put on the back of the pet's neck (those help the bet but not the humans or the infestation in the house.) This is 7 days later and I must say that thanks to the nematodes we've seen a dramatic decrease in the flea populations (judging from the quantities of fleas we combed out of the dog, which went from 30 to 60 twice a day to 5 or 6 a day.) We (my husband) continue (s) to flea comb the dog, let her into the house, wait for fleas to jump on her then flea comb again. We basically use her as bait. We also (me mostly) vacuum constantly. Once a day at least.
To Beccadi: the life cycle of the flea is short so if you vacuum twice a day for a week you should be able to get all the eggs, larvas and adult fleas out. In the mean time wear long socks and no shoes and as they jump on you cover them with shrink wrap to trap them before they jump higher on your body. Then kill them by twisting their tiny necks. I'm sorry to say but this is the pathetic but ultimately effective and poison-free way we do it. As are most things in our life it involves us looking ridiculous


I have a flea problem too!! I've been following your story and was developing my own infestation. It started when we rescued 2 kittens from off the street. We bathed them and treated them, but my other 2 cats and the house still got infected. We just spent $1200 taking all 4 critters to the vet to be washed- but problem is now we moved apartments and while the new place is flea free, the old apartment is still filled even after massive spraying and a flea bomb yesterday. I'm at a total loss and about to cry because we have until Friday to get the rest of our stuff out and clean up, but we get attacked the moment we step in the apartment! It's so bad!


dear Corinne I am reading your book and enjoying a lot with it! Dommage pour tes petits nematodes :(


I agree with fleabusters!
We dont have furry pets any more (just a koi pond), but when we had dogs and cats, we had fleabusters.
They come in, spread (and vacuum) a powder-type stuff all over your carpets and rugs (you can be there while they do it because it's not poison); they guarantee it for a year-as long as you don't shampoo the entire carpet, spot cleaning and steam cleaning are fine. Although, I was able to go 3 years flea free every time I used them (Whenever we moved, I'd call them to treat the new house).
It takes several days to a couple weeks for the fleas to be fully eradicated because you have to wait through the flea's cycles (adult, larvea, egg) to get all of them.
Seriously, check them out!

mlle paradis

oh god. we've got a few too. hope it doesn't come to the biblically scaled solutions at our house too! they love my hubby.

bonne chance ma fille!


I am sorry to learn about that. But the good news is that you really make me laugh!!!
Good luck.

Debra K.

When you say no chemicals, do you also mean not using Advantage or Revolution on your pets? That solved all my flea problems, and I only use it half the year, once every 5 weeks or so. Good luck!

une femme


We had great luck last year with fleabusters.com. They use a non-toxic "dessicant" that basically dries out the fleas, eggs and larvae, killing them. It was very effective.

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