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August 02, 2011


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Actually, I count on and respect your advice. It's part of why I consider you a trusted friend. That's one of the things I like about you. Then again, I'm quick to give my opinion on your life too, so we are evenly matched!


I hear you. I don't do that but I don't find anything wrong at all w/the stuff you mention in the beginning & call it moderately annoying. I've yet to have someone be annoyed when I help them avoid a terrible gaffe.

That said, I have been the victim of many friend's "help" & "advice." And they wonder why I don't tell them anything nowadays. Sheesh. I don't know about you but what they also do is sound awfully smug & self-congratulatory as they offer this "advice." And it usually has absolutely nothing to do with my real life.


Well, now that you know, you might find it a relief to stop. I had a brief fling w/the advice thing. Now I can sincerely tell people, I have no idea what you should do. But I'm more than willing to listen & speculate along w/you.



PS: I have been fairly ill...so unable to read a thing. I'm housesitting on Friday for 9 days. I intend to take Hidden w/me. I was just getting into it - I see a movie, for sure.:)

Kit Golson

Well Corinne, you can come help me anytime!!

I have JUST NOW FINALLY ordered your book and simply cannot wait to curl up and read... it has been a little crazed here as well of late...

bien amicalement (sp?)



Well, I am pretty happy that you saved me!
Who knows how I would be today if you didn't help me a few years ago...

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