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July 10, 2011


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what a story... truly unreal.

years ago, my brother was petting our sweet dog when he felt a lump on her neck. we took her to the vet and he kindly told us "you are so lucky, this tick on your dog was about ready to have babies"... we almost died...

glad your situation turned out ok... whew... never a dull moment... xx


OMG, we had this happen to us too, years ago with a crawling baby no less.....nothing worse and we ended up pulling up all the carpeting in the house! and we did the dog trick too :) brilliant people we are...

Silver MLM

That is hilarious! I hate bugs too! Sorry to hear your story Corine.


epic! i have done battle with fleas since arrival in l.a. but i have never, and will never.....do this! pass the chemicals please!

there are some things people just don't warn you about l.a.............

Robin Pickens

I'm itching just thinking about it. Sorry, but you might have to wear saran wrap to come to my house! Just kidding, but maybe we'd better sit outside next time...

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

am i the only one who would have used chemicals while my husband was away?
I HATE BUGS! (exception of butterflies and praying mantises).


Oh my lord, that is hilarious! I had a friend who had a similar problem and their whole family took to wearing anklets made of eucalyptus leaves to ward off the fleas.


That is both awful and hilarious! And no judgement here!


please put front line on dog today, the fleas will still jump on him but will not bite, fleas can give your dog worms. another way you can do it is place big bowls of water and a lamp over it, they will drown themselves. also citrus spray if you have an air conditioning, blast it till the windows fog up that vacuum. use borax in the laundry.

now that is a welcoming, if only there was pictures of your outfits. honestly sounds like a nightmare.


ja, ja ! Very ingenious!!!


It doesn't sound like an exactly fool proof system - but best of luck, hope one flea didn't hide from the dog....

Penny Herring

So sorry to hear your story Corine...I HATE fleas!!!! AND, I hate to tell you this....If you have carpet, your problems are not over! You must immediately go to the pet store and buy flea killing powder to go into any rugs or carpet as fleas lay eggs that can be dormant for days and they WILL appear again. And protect your pet with FRONTLINE (I sound like a commercial!) Call the pet store or vet immediately! Good luck. Penny PS. I ordered your book...can't wait for the read! : )

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