Hidden In France

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July 20, 2011


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The Lazy Composter

Beautiful! But now I have convince myself that blogging IS some kind of productivity, isn't it??

Peny@embroidery digitizing

Read some of Nadia's blog and I think that she is such a great blogger and a good photographer.Blogging indeed is not just fun but interactive, since we can meet different people we don't know through it. Thanks for sharing, eh.

Penny Herring

Will do Corine. I'll keep you posted! Penny


Penny: I should apologize for the lost sleep but that would be hypocritical since that is the best compliment ever! Staying up for my book?!  I would love to be a fly on the wall at the book club meeting.  If you wanted to gather questions or comments I would respond on your blog or mine, or something of that nature. Merci Penny!!!!

Penny Herring

Okay...so I'm exhausted this morning because I stayed up until 1:30pm last night, after a long day, because I just had to finish your book! I loved it! Had so much fun reading it and can't wait to go to book club to find out what everyone thinks. So far, it seems they're enjoying it more than my last pick ... a Hemingway. Your beating out Hemingway, girl! Sorry to hear about your sisters move.. I understand. My sister wants to move to Italy... I dread the day. Off to Amazon to give you a 5 star rating : ) Cheers, Penny


Love your blog - love this post so much. Feel like we were chatting in front of the fire. I didn't find your book at our library but I just ordered on amazon - can't wait for the library - have to read it now! BTW, I also have a vague envy of your son and his friends now, or precise jealousy. On family holiday last week I met the most amazing exchange student from Spain - our topics included Barcelona and Antoni Guadi. I wish I could close my eyes and be there when I opened them again. I am honored that you came and visited me at my blog. Please come back any time.
xoxo michele


Goody Charlene! Thank you so much for telling me this! It means so much, I am NOT jaded... now I hope you will tell all your friends :))


Just wanted to say I really enjoyed reading "Hidden in Paris". I loved the characters you created and the way they evolved in the book. It's a great read for summer or anytime. It's the kind of book I'm sure I'll be re-reading. Your blog is fun too. I'm glad your son is enjoying his trip and you aren't worrying. I'm sure they're having a fabulous time and I'm slightly envious too!


that is very kind corine, lovely in fact.


I'm so glad you aren't afraid for your son! yay!! :-) And even more glad that you had such great reunions with people you love. :-)

Homeowner insurance policy

Your book is very interesting! I love your blog, so refreshing. It makes me smile.


I loved this post!! You really move me sometimes. I want so much to send you a picture my husband took of me on the beach with the main "attraction" being my hair. It's just like yours. Shelly

ps. One more book to finish and yours is next on my sweet,sweet,beloved Kindle.


Thank You Shannyn and lovely to meet you!  Youlll be the first one to know  (Youd think Id be the first one to know, but apparently I am  not, I just found out while clicking) that Amazon is offering a sale on the paperback, so its not $13.99 anymore but $9.35.  Yeah!!! How and why this happened is a mystery but Im thrilled!  Now let me hop on to your blog:)

shannyn alexene

you are a crack up. Love your Blog and want to buy your book. Found you through French Essence, gorgeous girl. Now I have to find where to click to buy. Keep writing. Shannyn xxx

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