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July 17, 2011


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Salut Corinne.

You are making me jealous with all your talk of open windows, it is cold here in England.

Loving the citrusness, bit like my post LOL

Clare (France lover)

Bunny Terry

That cake and the fruit are gorgeous! And of course, so is the dress. Yummmmm to all of them. www.couleurnature.com/couleurblog


wow,I love all the citruses! yum,yum

Susan Hazel

Wow. Stunning.

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

that's one yummy looking cake! btw, eating cake is great feng shui ;-D


I love it when one art form inspireds/copies another. Stunning cake. Thanks for sharing!

miss sunrise

J'ADORE !!!!!


The cake love continues - amazing! xoxo michele

une femme

Corinne, that's so funny, when the picture popped up in my feed, I immediately thought of that dress! It's a gorgeous cake.

We're enjoying Carmageddon too, though I hear they've reopened the freeway. I agree, we should do this once a month!

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