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June 23, 2011


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Sooo gorgeous!!! Love the colors!


Well bless our friend Vicki Archer for sending me your way today. Now I"m hooked on your blog as well. Hmmm, that means yet another Paris blog and another book about Paris to feed my out of control addiction.

Anyway, this crafty idea is marvelous and I'll do it but wonder about the paint. Semi gloss work?

le petit cabinet de curiosites

They look terrific . It looks easy, I may try


Wow those look beautiful! What kind of paint did you use? I love the colors... my favorite!


Oh i love these...they are so wonderful..i have a whole bunch of jars that are just your typical "see-through". May i ask what kind of paint did you use? glass paint? or what? Thanks a lot....

Feng Shui By Fishgirl

Those minty colors are just so fab! I have been recycling plastic containers (pickles, gelato, etc) with screw tops by painting them with acrylic. It never occurred to me to do glass. Thanks, C!


this is amazing!
I want to buy your book, I´ve just finished "Missing mom" of Joyce Carol Oates and I feel a little sad. I would like to read it on summer holidays, but maybe it will arrive late... I will try :)

Freshly Found

Have to try this sometime!

Penny Herring

Great idea...and so easy peasy. My goodness...another project to put on my to do list : ) Hey, I'm going to suggest your book at my next Book Club gathering!

Michele Trovato

What a fun project - can't wait to get started!


What a wonderful and simple project!! :-) I will have to try this too. :-)

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