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June 17, 2011


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Martina Tierney

What surprised me most was your picture! In my mind I have you down as a very dark haired woman with a classic bob... don't ask me why, maybe an unconscious view of how French women might look. You looked lovely, of course, just not how I imagined you. I should have known better, I have seen a picture of you as a child, and you do look like a grown up version of yourself. So now you've thrown me, I have to imagine you as you really are when I read your blog, rather than as I imagined. This is what we do with books isn't it. We build up complex images of the characters and then find they don't fit at all with the actors who take on the roles in the film versions.


Coucou Corine,
thank you for this very nice and beautiful interview and this post about it. I really hope it will help you.
And if by any chance you come to Chicago, let me know!
All the best et a bientot,


oh it took me a while! super busy at the mo'

loved the book - read it 2 wks ago exactement. too fun!

now trying to do a review on amazon.....which is stitching me up. (english, english expression) i will yet get to it! (when the tech support is home again.)

only a little jealous that you are going to nyc....chocolate bread at baltazar.....

bon sejour!

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