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November 08, 2010


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Painted French Furniture

Amazing colours! The turquoise wardrobe is just fantastic!

Penny Herring

Listen to Charlie Brown's Christmas music and hug your kids, or dog, or cat or whoever will have one : ) But yes, I do love turquoise and lime green more than red and hunter green. It's just happier! Can we petition the masses to change it??? It might be worth a try!!!!


I'm behind you on the commercial Christmas loathing, we normally put our minimal decoration up on Christmas eve and then sometimes we just can't be bothered. Keep dreaming of turquoise and calm, this time will pass.

Sabina DeShazo

Love your honesty - lol!!


Karin Grow

I felt the same several years ago. My sisters and I now celebrate the holidays by drinking and eating. Gifts for the little kiddies and the adults enjoy each others company.
Also, my holiday colors are turquoise, cherry and lime.

p.s.--I've been following your blog for awhile now and just love the incredibly juicy colors you feature!


Lots of prettiness!


darling, sorry, can't help because i feel the same way...detest with a passion the holidaze and all they have become...a commercialized frenzy of buying crap nobody needs out of some weird twisted perverse belief we are doing the right thing.....

give me this lovely turquoise, a sunshine filled room and nothing with a reindeer, elf, sc or angel, and i am very happy....well, the glorious blue sea wouldn't hurt either or something dripping around my neck in same color and a guilt trip to lay on husband i will NOT do! hahahahaha ;)

Design Elements

i like what you wrote! wonderful pictures!

Elisa Day

I love this! I love her home and I love her shop.


i do not like the comercialism either but a long time ago my husband who's family by the way can spend a down payment on house worth of money at christmas time and i decided that we did not want it to be about that, so instead we really made about enjoying time with each other my niece and newphew and people that make us happy. i think it is easier on the east coast to get in the spirit because of the cooler weather and snow. i like decorating but i think of it more like winter decorations and baking. when we do give gifts they are from defenders of wild life, heifers international or we give theater tickets.

corine how about we meet you in vermont for Xmas(x)


congratulations, you are a completely rational voice in a holiday storm of commercialism. don't give in!


That cupboard is amazing! I'll take it, please.

xo Erin


Just take one step...err...Holiday at a time, and decorate in the colors you love!!

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Art by Karena


Sorry, I can't help you. I don't like it either! It's so dang commercial and lunatic, and I find little pleasure in the stress it induces.

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