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October 13, 2010


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some kids even after entering into these ivy league colleges stop questioning because they think they have arrived and have all the answers and walk with a horses blind. Now that is even more scary !!!


My daughter is in the IB program too and also dealing with stress. We work on it, little by little. I want her to enjoy her high school experience. If it means dropping IB, I will support her in that. Kids don't need this kind of stress in their lives.


it's true. and what kind of kid of yours would he be if he weren't asking the questions?

but i get it. it's the image. what mom would want to even consider such a thing.

i think kids are WAY TOO stressed these days. i wanted to, and i think they should get a year off before college or during college to do something that is about serving themselves/their muses, or others, and not about servicing others' expectations.

bonne continuation (my french phrase of the week)


You probably won't like my saying this but I will anyway...he's right (in my experience anyway). xo

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