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October 22, 2010


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I'm still laughing out loud...!

the ridiculous Finn

well it might make an english speaking person's day but what about us others? Eu doesn't have one official language since we don't want to speak english OR german but indeed expect to continue to be able to speak all our ridiculous little languages. in fact, how many are you, english speaking in the eu and how many are the rest of us?
and don't forget that the commission is just an organ put in place by the governments YOU voted for. so, if you have a complaint, who should you be talking to?


Hilarious! :)

Angie Muresan

Oh and I will pass it on. Tomorrow!

Angie Muresan

Hahaha... Those crafty old Germans! My side hurts from laughing!


Awesome lol.

Patti Friday

ya ya ya zee ike thiz ya ya xo

Martina Tierney

Hysterical... just what I expect from the European Commission...!

Visual Vamp

Euro English ha ha ha.
I think it must be like Spanglish.
xox o


Ziz made me laf A LOT :D

Vicki Archer

Oh yes it did! Happy weekend....xv

Penny Herring

LOL!!! I hope this is a funny joke!!!!


Dear C,

For some reason I thought you weren't posting... apparently are :)

I really enjoyed the colourful posts and that charming escape in Belgium. As for Euro English, oh perlease - I'll tell you a story about our language.... "OnSe upon a time... " ahem, start again, "vuns upon a zeit"

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