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September 23, 2010


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My faith in this president is still strong. Thanks for this post.


Thank you so much for this. My husband and i were just talking this morning about how dispiriting it is to see the democrats and left leaning journalists start up their circular firing squad right before the midterm elections. And also how annoying it is that even Jon Stewart feels comfortable talking and joking about what "a crummy job Obama is doing" on the Daily Show. So not true! I really do not agree with that sentiment. I am still a supporter of Obama, and admire most of his choices enormously. He is doing a tremendous job in a nearly impossible situation. We must all speak up more to drown out the noisy extremists. After all, we are a nation of moderates, (according to the polls). The future looks good!


Great article. Good to read this. Warmly, Karen


Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Penny Herring

Here, Here!!!! I so agree and glad to see others do too.
I needed to hear this today, thank you : )

julie whitmore

Wonderful article.
I am so proud of the president and of us as a country who elected him. He is proving he earned our faith more every month. More good things to come, we just have to be paitent for the enlightenment of the naysayers. He is a beacon whether or not they can see it!

mlle paradis

couldn't agree more. frank schaefer has been there and he is a very cool and very smart guy.

yeah we could all use a little more commonsense and cooler heads prevailing. thx for this one c.!


Just found you..and timing was perfect to find this thoughtful and TRUE post. I voluntered (along with millions of others) for Pres. Obama in the last election and I look forward to helping him get reelected."A President we have and hardly deserve," Amen sister. Before the last election, a dear Aunt in Wales asked me,"if America doesn't elect Mr. Obama, can we have him please?" I was and am so proud we elected him.


Faith is once again restored--maybe there ARE people who can think for themselves! Thanks for this post.

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