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May 10, 2010


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can anything else be used instead of the beeswax? also, has anyone tried a non-dairy lactose free version of this? if i substitute soymilk and margarine for the milk and butter will that be okay?


I live in San Francisco and have to admit, I am SO glad we have several great French bakeries in the city...I love macarons but they are becoming too popular and gimmicky (and badly made at some places). If you're in SF, you can also get canales from La Boulangerie! :)

Angie Muresan

There is this French bakery down the street from me and they make the best Canneles. I could eat and eat all day, and still want more.


I've just discovered your blog and find a lot of beautiful pictures and things I like !
Canneles of course which I do with very easy plastic molds.
I use my copper ones only for pictures !
The color is so beautiful but I can't do nice canneles in it...don't know why !


*sigh* Another amazing sounding French sweet...full of eggs. :(

my favorite and my best


Elizabeth Mackey

I agree!! I ate one of these bad boys last summer in Bordeaux las summer. YUMMY!!!

Vicki Archer

Love these....xv


come up to SF and let's go to Boulette's Larder to see how good the caneles really are :)

mlle paradis

it's true about the frozen caneles at t.j.'s. can't say i've tried them but if they're as good as the puff pastry and opera cake......!!!!!

in atwater village (between Glendale and Silverlake) is a restaurant called "canele" and they give you a free little one when you leave. not that most people really have any room by then!

Debra K.

Yep ... the LA Times wrote about caneles popping up in Los Angeles about two years ago. Even Trader Joe's has them -- frozen!


Make sure you heat them a little in the oven before eating them : it will turn instantly an average cannelé into a srumptious one !
(Marion who's back from SF in Paris but keeps reading you ;)


I hope you're right! So tired of seeing macarons everywhere I turn.

Faith | You The Designer

Looks so YUMMY! Would it be okay to share the recipe? It makes me wanna eat that one there.

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