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February 15, 2010


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Rose :: Fine Craft Guild .com

just get out of yourself on a daily basis. that will give a refreshing sigh in your body. then, you can go on from there. not too hard nor drastic. no mental agony required. deep breathing is.

What is multiple personality disorder

Multiple personality usually develops in early childhood, particularly for children who are victims of severe abuse or trauma. This disorder is the result of a complex adaptive behavior caused the split.


No ! You're just doing perfect the way you are here, on the blog, and frankly speaking, sensationalism or not, dirty linen aired or not...your fans (thats what i'd like to call them, inclusive of me !) will continue to knock your door for that cup of coffee and a cookie !


Ah-ha Dayna, but now do I get to hear YOUR dirty laundry?


i do ask myself this all the time, my answer always seems to be this is my place and if i can't be me here then where? i do have several blogs for split personality- but that is a lot of work truth is i want to write what i want to write there is lesson to be learned in them in looking back at them-

but you put pretty pictures so people do not have to read you just look at pictures if they want- but i am pretty sure they will miss out on a good laugh, a hell ya moment and i know exactly what you are talking about moment!

Donna Deluso

You could start a blog under an assumed identity and therein spill your negative guts??? Everyone has different friends for different reasons. You could view your many blogs as different mirrors into your soul?

My blog is partly about my struggle with depressiona and medication, so I deliberately don't self-censor, or else how are my experiences going to help others. Saying that though I use a nome de plum because I don't want friends or ex-lovers googling my name and then staring at my dirty laundry. I have another blog which is all about my love of baking and food. I don't think that remaining anonymous or splitting my blogs into various facets of my personality makes them a fraud? What do you think?

Donna Shaw

Ahh, a breath of fresh air. I have always wondered about negativity in blogging. I want to on the other hand everyone else seems so perfectly happy. I did follow a blog for a while, and I've never heard such a whiner. Eventually, I quit following it. So, don't ask me. I used to think I was the outsider, nowadays, methinks I'm more of a herder, or part of the herd.


Air the dirty laundry- makes for a good read-

Angie Muresan

Corine, be yourself. You are gorgeous, intelligent, funny and spontaneous. If you feel the need to air your laundry, do it. It's your blog, and your voice to the world.


This is how people are: good and bad at the same time. We are two dimensional , loving and kind and sincere most of the time and also bitter and envious and angry on occasion. We all fight this internal war between good and evil. I say you keep your blog as it is, written by the real you, who knows how to beautifully express all of it. Perhaps you could add a subtitle to "Hidden in France" to warn home-decor lovers that there is more to this blog than decoration.

mlle paradis

I'm with Tara. Your voice is very authentic. As with everything else, it's about degree and balance. But if you have something to say, and it's valuable, your authenticity makes your point of view more persuasive and accessible. I think you've already proven that.


I have a complicated reaction & so I'll come back when I can think straight (if you'll have me because I think you are pissed off at me, Corine). Needless to say sugar & spice & hysterical punctuation totally turns me off on those blogs of which I think we both speak. On the other hand...



Genuine and authentic is my vote but I don't enjoy wading through cursing and abusive language. It's far easier to rely on shock value than spew negatives with ink and tightly worded phrase. At the same time one is being negative and, perhaps, despondent, one is also becoming a better writer. -smile-
Love today's photos, so bright and cheery. I've just returned from barn chores...wading through snow drifts to my knees, carrying water to the sheep, making sure everyone is on their feet. It's nice to see those wonderful, bright colors; thanks!


no problem imho,honesty is a wonderful trait much better that the smile that fronts an angry soul! love the pics too!

miss sunrise

oh sorry en français! moi je ne choisis de ne montrer que le beau et le positif ainsi quand je doute du bon côté des choses, je regarde le blog, le chemin parcouru et ça me rassure !!!!ça doit être mon coté autruche! ce que je ne veux pas voir, je l'enfouis pour mieux l'oublier et ainsi ça n'existe pas !!!! mais je ne suis pas sure que ce soit la bonne solution, juste celle qui me convient le mieux ....


it's more real to show all sides of life is it not? i say it's your space, and therefore you can write happy, sad, angry, disgruntled, whatever. i simply enjoy your writing. and i enjoy bloggers who are real.

TwoWishes Tara

Dirty laundry, definitely. I see your point on sensationalism, but there's a difference between drummed-up sensationalism and real-world honesty. And women are subjected to so much perfectionism in this society, I think we all breathe a sigh of relief when we read about someone else's IMperfections on her blog. (Or is that just me?!?) Your readers are here for YOU, the real you, in all your beautiful-photo-sharing, novel-writing, family-raising, self-reflective, sometimes-"negative" glory.


I like to keep my blog a happy space so i try not to blog about unpleasant things. But that's just me.


Please don't go. Be who you are....my hero. I was just this very night, over too much beer and beef, telling my husband to friend you on Facebook so he can enjoy the bi-polar moodiness that is so fabulously and righteously YOU.

I adore you.

my favorite and my best

you know what my vote is.
also i think you should call it "suck on my self righteousness"


Life sucks around here and it is mostly because of my day job. Since I am the "boss" there I cant talk about it. And it swallows me whole lately. So my poor blog talks about nothing. I am just quiet. And I miss my blog. but more importantly I miss my job not sucking, rather I should say my employees not being shitty!


I vote for 'Dirty Laundry' - honesty is special and specifics are humanizing and relatable.

Visual Vamp

First thanks for the shout out.

My most commented on posts are the ones when I am less than a lady ha ha, the ones where I lose my cool.

I have even had them deleted by Blogspot, because I am sure that the blogger (or her flying monkey minions) I was dissing reported me for abuse, or for using an image that I did not own (no matter how much credit we give, we are not allowed to use camel toe images we don't own ha ha).

Being real on your blog is only tolerated to a certain degree.

Like you say, people read blogs for the milk and cookies, and God forbid you ever say anything but sugar about another blogger publicly.

I have a huge list of bloggers I think stink, but some I feel sorry for, and the others would only become sainted victims if called out.

Private snark emails among ourselves are another matter ha ha. I have a fat file of them.

And I also have a fat file of Anon stalker hate mail that is really creepy, the shit you get when you stop serving up the tea and cookies.

I will always read what you have to say Corine precisely because you are honest and interesting.

These are the rules, and they do suck on the days when I just can't take the fake bullshit posers anymore.

xo xo

La Belette Rouge

I am most definitely in the "Dirty Laundry Aired out in Public" camp and so I am not a believer in editing that stuff out. I love that you share beauty and the dirt. Beauty without a thorn or two scares me.

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