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February 18, 2010


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le petit cabinet de curiosites

Corine, come and check my blog... I have passed you a sunshine award. Your blog is always inspiring and colorful


But LA has always been like that, the land of the young and beautiful. When I first moved to LA from London a trillion years ago, the first thing I wondered about was, what happens to people after 40? I thought it must be that they are removed, by law, from the vicinity of the young and perfect. At the time I was 19 and it felt odd, i would not want to try what it feels like now


I just think it's slightly desperate and ultimately futile to go to all the $$$/trouble to get a new me...I just don't want to. There will always be something that gives m'age away..a way of speaking, elbows, interests, energy level...so save the wear and tear and just get on with enjoying living your unique life as your unique, stylish and chic self who loves color!

you are an amazingly engaging writer, revel!



PS my next trip down to LA, let's meet for croissants!!!


Sarthak. Careful! smiling adds wrinkles too.


Virginia: Now you got me really worried about my elbows.


I have that belief too, but mostly when it comes to other people :-)


Katie: what mascara?  what makeup?  what hair color?  maybe my problem runs deeper than wrinkles.  I just dont have the time or energy to do much about my looks.  Except complain.  I have boundless energy when we come to that.

I cant wait to see all of you, including the extra 30 Lbs, when you come to Hell-A


Isabelle: Or le visage ou le cul as we say: the face or the ass.  Sounds like Sophies choice to me.  Pass the coissants.

Katy Allgeyer aka fishgirl

Thank you Corine for this post and Isabelle for explaining to the world why this soon to be 52 year old woman has gained 30 lb this year---to get rid of wrinkles. It's a good story and I think I'll stick to it...

But seriously, Corine...you are gorgeous and you do need to get out of Hell A more often. All the women with real money in Maine from old money families hardly ever even dye their hair! It's also a fact if you don't pile a lot of makeup and foundation and mascara on, you'll be mistaken for a LOT younger.

Another tip? Be in love. With your partner. With your kids. With your writing. With life. The love light shining through your eyes and face keeps one truly beautiful and timeless.

BTW, I saw a photo of Carrie Fisher (Princess Leia) recently on HuffPost and I was THRILLED to see she didn't go all plastic. Jamie Lee Curtis hasn't either.
Role Models!!! We need more.


Virginia, here is what they mean in french about losing or keeping the weight after a certain age : you have to decide between"les fesses", which means your butt, or your "figure", which means your face. That means if you lose enough weight so you butt and body look smaller and at their best then your face becomes to thin and shows your age more. Basically as we age we are walking a tight rope if we want to stay attractive. I say more people get to see my face than my butt so I'll have another croissant.


Oh, i'm still trying to figure out what the moral of the story is...
Maybe she looks fab now, but i still believe in aging gracefully and naturally.


le moral or la morale - la face ou la figure! without google translate, i can't be certain, but i think they mean nearly the opposite in english.

i realized that when discussing losing or keeping extra pounds as one ages - someone said, in french, that you must decide between "la face ou la figure". (or is it "le"?)

it took me a second: oh, yeah, figure means face in english - not figure as in body.

as an 80 year old gentleman said: no matter the surgery, your elbows still reveal your age. i cracked up. and you crack me up - you are beautiful.

after seeing a few friends go through plastic surgery ordeals, no thanks! just use retin-A, sunscreen and glycolic cleansers.

you and elsita, "babes", but not your typical LA babes.


Happy necklaces, etc etc. I think I am wishing everyone a happy ,march/ late feb!


You are too funny!


I've been smiling all through this post !

Di Overton

Can she make a person laugh like you can? Love those necklaces by the way.


LOL I have two friends - yes only TWO - who are committed to the journey w/out botox and scalpels. One is the daughter of Hollywood royalty, the other could afford anything she desired in the way of plastic perfection:) We are all in our mid fifties and still look pretty good - perhaps because we are busy with creative pursuits and not fretting in the mirror! Plus, none of us live in LA! Hang in there - better to be authentic than just another cookie cutter pretty girl suspended in pemanent adolescence. Go get a facial, a massage, a good haircut and paint your toenails fuscia! That always helps:)

pendant lighting

Those are just absolutely darling!!!


your story put me to think about age... i guess nobody wants to look old but everybody wants to have all the knowledge of the age (hard to translate what i think..)
nice necklaces!! very colorful and bright!!


enjoyed all the chatter tonight - serenity - that's what i am after - if you have that I think the aging process is so much better...off to put my night creme on...good night from aging in connecticut

Ms. Greenbike

Good And Trusty Old Boobs! I think I have my new blog name! :)


It seems to me that the Target lady, with her white teeth, tight body, smooth face and blue contact would probably NEVER wear these cute and crazy crochet necklaces and they would look totally out of place on her new boobs too. These great necklaces belong on a pair of good and trusty old boobs.


French women do seem to function better outside our narrow definition of beauty. But I also wonder if they are as serene about aging as they appear to be. 


Susan: I did not mean scalpel, godforbid.  I was only thinking syringe.


Michelle:  it is a well known fact:  French Women Dont Get Old.


Kathie B. Oh im dying to go there.  Thank you for the link.

Kathie B.

"There is such a wind of creativity coming from Portugal these days."

Hey, Corine, we Portuguese-Americans know that Portugal (including the Azores) is one of the world's best-kept secrets! For starters:

michelle hansen

Oh god, i can feel myself caving in! nature and her assets be damned, someone recommend a good doctor please... BTW, I agree that being french puts you waaay ahead of the game!


p.s. those necklaces are FABULOUS!


i'm in l.a. as well and yes, it is mindblowing the amount of work ladies of all ages wear. sigh. but i keep thinking that while they look better, do they FEEL better? or are they always worried about how they will look a few years down the line. at the same time, if getting work feels right for you then take the plunge...i only we wished we all loved ourselves (writes the girl who is sooo not in love with herself as of late:)).


Maybe do just enough to make yourself feel good. And yes, have heard about LA. Ugh. But don't kid yourself, Connecticut, NY, DC, etc. Same old thing. Do what you like, start out small...at the derm. Nothing that can't be undone, if you will...a bit of a toe in & see how it feels.


mlle paradis

Hey you're French, aren't you? Since when is Carine Roitfeld so all that? I don't think either of the Birkin babes are even half as attractive as their Mother. But who cares? They work what they got. And other women are wild about their looks. Old-schmold.


Angie: I admire women who dont feel that they have to apologize for their beliefs all the time.

Angie Muresan

All I know is that I don't even live in LA, and will get work done. The whole package. Yes ma'am! The moral of the story is that I want my morale to never suffer. Ha!

michelle hansen

I am 38, and vain! I dread the whole ugly aging process. But I think that it is better age gracefully, and try to remember that our bodies are like clothes, we can own them, wear them, keep them in good shape (or not), but in the end our bodies are very temporary. But we are eternal.
And no, I dont live in LA, in fact LA is right at the verrrry bottom of my list of Places I Want to Visit.(one of the reasons I read your blog!)
And at the very top of my Places To Avoid At All Costs list. hah. Sorry LA-ites, feel free to dis my home town, Piha beach, new zealand.
(unfortunately I'm not living there right now) Wow I really got off topic...sorry!

La Belette Rouge

I have seen you in person and you AMAZE me. You are gorgeous and not like one of those Hollywood Stepfordwives who all look alike.


Barb you are too sweet.. but those are old pictures and only the ones where i looked good enough to amaze myself. 

Barb McMahon

So maybe the moral is to accept yourself as you are, even if "as you are" includes a bit of work?

But, Corine, I've seen your pictures and you're gorgeous! That hair! Those eyes!

Move to Connecticut if you possibly can...


I have been wondering about this myself. It seems that I am feeling more 'flexible' these days about 'self improvements.' I like the way you wrote this. Thanks :-)


But Marnie:  you live in connecticut!  This is Hell-A. I bet even I would be able to age more gracefully in connecticut.


you are funny...but would you really want to do all that stuff to yourself ... don't forget that some of the stuff goes awry - think crazy nyc lady - see looked like an alien...can't remember her name. i for one have no interest... as long as i dont get too round i will be happy - my gray doesn't look too bad although i am always pulling my face up to remember the good ol' days - my daughter always gives me a hard time...tells me to stop focusing on my wrinkles etc - she will do it one day too ... i remember my mother doing it...

so the choice is happy and real or fake and chasing youth forever...it is a constant treadmill ... better to age gracefully and enjoy life today instead of trying to stop the clock and go back...

La Belette Rouge

How I wish I could find a moral to this story that did not make me want to book an appointment time for cosmetic surgery. Maybe if we go together we could finagle a group discount?;-)

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