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June 09, 2009


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Fifi Flowers

I want to say I have a flat in NYC!!!


oh lucky you. jazz it up with fresh cut flowers and thrift store goodness.

and hahahahaha, we have a different meaning for the word FROU FROU. can you guess what it is?


Great ideas you have!! I can't wait to see how you jazz up the apartment. There's nothing like color from Chinatown to add pizazz to a space.

The Deco Detective

Bit boring - but are you really going to spend time indoors when you've got the whole of Manhattan on your threshold? Lucky girl - I've been there twice and I can't wait to return!
The stuff you've picked is great though - especially the lanterns!

Vicki Archer

Your flat will look really fab - love these choices and I would adore a visit to that shop...have fun buying when you get there, xv.

La Belette Rouge

I so need to shop with you. I always pick the blah and the beige and the safe. I am so afraid of making a costly mistake. You have shown here that you can up the ooh-la-la for not much Yen.


love your selections. i adore pearl river mart. and it's prices. 80% of the bowls in my house are from there. also great that muji and cb2 are right nearby now. fun fun fun.


et quand tu auras tout accessoirise, on pourra venir passer une semaine en aout ??


How fun! You will have such a great summer.
And I know you will spice this place up in no time. Make sure to take lots of pictures and show us!


Oh, how fun! You'll have that beige box jazzed up in no time :)


Umm...can you get me one of those red folding chairs kthxbye.



I want to see the after photos.
It really sounds great!!!!!


As you say "Hideous" but not exactly riveting!!! I am sure you will find ways of brightening things up....There could of been worse places. If I have to go anywhere, like holidays I always choose. As you say LOCATION is great, could of been worse....Have lots of fun!


summer in manhattan? you're so lucky!

yes, the apartment is a bit "meh." it needs a shot or two from the Rice catalogue. or maybe your kids could attack the neutral sofa with some colorful markers (i'm one of the people that liked that experiment.) :)

Two Wishes

Ooh, suddenly I must have some of those items for the baby's room! Already have lanterns (though none that beautiful) and parasols left over from our wedding, but I'm drooling over those kites as cheap wall art.

P.S. Tonight we were in a restaurant that had a grouping of 5-6 parasols hung upside down from the ceiling, and they looked arty and not at all strange. (I had considered doing it with a wedding parasol, but feared it would look funny. Now I think the key is having 3 or more. And of course the high ceilings to pull it off!)


Looks like it will be New-York outside and Shangai inside....
I am BEGGING you to bring back that pink tea tin can and the orange round lantern for me, pleeeeeeaze!!


buy a length of canvas and some small cheap set of acrylic paint and have entire family paint something that they want to see in NYC or are going to do or what they miss about LA and hang. lovely momento for your return to LA. I'm going to love your NYC Summer blog!


Don't I owe you a painting?! That could help put some cheer and color in that bleige flat- right? It's possible that I could deliver it to you in person this summer at a downtown cafe---?!?!


I think it's a great selection - well done!! I love the lanterns, I have been looking everywhere nd still can't find them yet..i know what you mean about clinical-corporate looking city flats ...when I first moved in London I tought they all look the same with their beige-grey colour palette {from the carpet to the paint...}but hey, it will look great after your colourful touches!!!

my favorite and my best

don't forget some pillows and flowers!! so far so good and very well, pizzazed! what a fun adventure.


You've done a good job.

Remember flowers too. and twinkle lights.


Well the condo could be worse, right!?!?! But you're right, not so high on the personality! I just LOVE Pearl River! Have fun, fun, fun shopping there!

shelly beson

I'm sure there's a flower vendor near by for fresh colorful flowers every other day.

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