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April 24, 2009


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I love the bedroom design nice job! and your When sponging of colors, do blending them each one nearly disappears in to the other for a softer appearance. Using colors within the same pallet give you luscious results!


oh! this site, the colors.....I would LOVE to wander this market, off to look some more

Elisa Day

Thank you for sharing that blog. I love to find new amazing blogs.


What a home. I admire people that can decorate in pink tastefully, very sweet.

Victoria Zlotkowski

What a lovely post, and yes, I have stayed away from advertising since I saw these hideous adds rouining many a pretty blog face...
Go, girl!

Anne A

Wow love the last photo, how intriguing :-)


Thank you Corine for this link. The ribonny-spoon thing is stunning.


merci corine pour ton passage et ton petit mot, fan de la premier de ton univers
à bientôt

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