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March 05, 2009


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venetian blinds


Nice article... I love the design and decorative made for this house...A home is something that evolves and expresses you and your family as people.


Hello.You have a wonderful blog!! I thought you might like to know that this is actually the families holiday house.If you go to
taverne-agency.com and into interiors/retro and select Helle and Jonas you will see their city home.Its fabulous! They are very eclectic.I think they have a clothing label.Anyway they are the owners of some of my favourite living spaces and yes the weekender is heaven.Clare

le petit cabinet de curiosites

IT IS SO CHARMING . I would love an ambiance like that.It is very inspiring


This is what I call "humble perfection". Every little corner is well-thought, but everything looks random, but in such great harmony. There is a lot of effort, but it all looks so effortlessly perfect. Very wabi-sabi!

As for those other types of houses you mentioned; you can buy "things" but you can't buy "taste".

Freshly Found

I way prefer inventive and clever decor - with lots of stories in every corner - to well financed decor!

Di Overton

I am with you 100% on this. A home is something that evolves and expresses you and your family as people. I find it so boring to look at houses that have been put together with a LOOK they are so impersonal.


i love the ikea like bunk beds.
looks just lovely.

Fifi Flowers

I want to live in this post... I love one of the last photos of the porch... I would like to spend most of my time there... LOVE it!
ENJOY your weekend!


beautiful! this is my kinda home too, and i totally agree with you re: homes that money can buy. i love real homes! where real people live! xx

robin bird

this place is alive! if i would only paint the walls my favorites shades of greens and blues, pluck the petals from my garden each and every day, make things... anything...with the beautiful fabrics i covet i would be a very satisfied artist and human being. that's what this home is to me. pure expression of a love for life!


I could not have said it better myself.

Lovely home, brimming with charm.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy

shelly beson

There's no accounting for taste! I too watch the "real" housewives and have to agree. Have you seen the Orange County wife (the ditz) with her almost ocean front home? There is absolutely no decoration what so ever in her home. Good gawd!


I love this apartment! Wow...it's good motivation for me. I need to change things up here a bit...something I used to do a lot of until I moved a year and a half ago. I lost that "something" that used to make me want to rearrange, create special little spaces. I don't know how that happened.


what a gorgeous Ladurée color palette that looks so comfy! Also stop by over weekend if you have second, I left you something.


I'm with you!!

Happy Friday!



You have written the most perfect text to go with these graciously beautiful interiors. I very much "decorate" like this, (perhaps not quite as well though) but often times wish and dream for more money to purchase newer nicer things. I feel silly now about that. I will embrace my decor of thoughtfulness and warmth and found things and loved things AND I will use this post to inspire me even more. I am going to throw out all of those silly Pottery Barn catalogs right now!

Thanks Corine!


Thank YOU very much for sharing these photos with us and I agree with you totally.
This is not a house, this is a beautiful home with lots of character and full of love. This is what I see from this photos.


Thank you, thank you, thank you. This is how I grew up...my apartment now is slightly shabby due to lack of funds & it really does need some sprucing up, etc. But I still prefer it to the sterility of so many abodes I have been in lately & those in a lot of "shelter" mags. They're "lovely," but cold. If I had nerve, & didn't need a contract soon, I'd forward this to a friend who is "doing" nothing but her new house (well, her fiance's...of ten years, gag, & no I do not say anything -- anymore -- about this sad situation). They asked me over Thanksgiving what they should put "here," "there," "that corner..." Man, I said, let it grow organically. Sure, we're all in our mid-late 40s so maybe you want to accelerate it a bit...but just let a corner "sit" or leave a wall empty until you know something is right...move things around. Etc. Like I said, if I wanted grief, I would just send your link to them & call it a damn day. They might not "get" it anyway, you know? They're the same way with clothing...no artful nuttin'...

Have heard of these Housewives wherever programs in Times/Post but don't have cable. It sounded revolting. One of my sisters keeps swearing off one of them but said she finds herself drawn to it -- inexplicably. And then is annoyed with herself for watching. I told her to get over herself; I watch Supernanny.


Ces photos sont superbes ! Et sinon tout a fait d'accord avec toi ! tu verrais l'état de notre salon (tout vide suite travaux.. juste un canapé, la table et la TV), mon mari veut qu'on attende pour tout remettre : trouver le meuble parfait, le truc qui colle pile à cet endroit... En attendant c'est ambiance loft ! :)


What a gorgeous romantic place... And I completely agree with what you write!

Elisa Day

I love it! And I agree with you

Anne A

I love it!!! Would be so great to live there :-)

Thanks for sharing :-)


It seems like the Danish have a special talent for design and decorating. Everywhere I look, stories about Danish apartments and houses are popping up and every single one of them is wonderful in its own way. I have been thinking about moving to Copenhagen, just to be surrounded by so much charm ...:)


I agree absolutely with every word you say. Those images are so inspiring, I wish I had the knack to create a home like that.


Love it!!! " gives me acid reflux" no pruple pill will do but a purple chair might:)

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