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December 15, 2008


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pve design

Oh sweet tree, no needles to fall off and sweep up - no water needed! love this idea.


That tree is so wonderful!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Je cherchais de l'inspiration pour un sapin , mais celui ci est fantastique ! Il faut que je garde l'idee pour l'année prochaine.


This christmas tree just look amazing ! Thanks for this cute find, I'll keep the idea for next year.


Hi Corine,

Thank you for this post. I am a great fan of your blog!
Merry Christmas! Vrolijk Kerstfeest!

X Jane

Marc Flanagan

Corine, love all the trees-the one on the wall is amazing. I am meeting with your sister today. Thank you setting that up she is bringing your nephew too...Merry Christmas...ah, ah, Joyeux Noel!


Did I post here already? I know it's the third time I have been back. I come and check out something new with each little nugget of minutes I get.

I LOVE this tree and this post. I want to live in that tree. Ok, maybe not in it. With it. I want to live with it, maybe get married some day.

traci french

oh my goodness I am in love...thank you so much for the introduction! xxoo t

vicki archer

So clever, an instillation that should stay in place always. xv

La Belette Rouge

That is fantastic. Also nice for a small space where there is no room for another thing in the room. And, I love how it contains so many lovely symbols. I would miss the lights, that is my favorite part about the tree, that and the smell.


i love that!

don't you collect heart shaped rocks? place them in a tree shape on one of your tables.

many years ago, i purchased milagro charms from Pachama, in santa fe, NM. see use/description below:


my castle in Spain

This is a great find ! and it could be used for Valentine even, just carve in heart shape...

do you know, i was thinking of you this morning? i meant to comment on your last post re your family relationship and i felt "bloquée".
i have 2 sisters, like you I think, and this same thing happened. We obviously each knew my father under distinct angles. I felt a terrible anger towards my father for years. It's gone now. I never discuss it with my sisters. My family doesn't know i have a blog. It makes things easier.
But, i think your mother and your sister should listen to you now that you've talked.
A big hug to you Corine


So brilliant - lots of bright colors to helping you with those lovin' feelings!

Liberty Post Editor

This is the happiest thing I've seen for months.


This wall Christmas tree is too cool! Great idea for small space!Thanks for sharing this......Celine


it's wonderful!! perfection in love with it ! i would never take it down!!!!

miss sunrise

Super je vais aller voir le lien car moi aussi j'ai craqué pour ce sapin hier mais je ne sais plus où!!!!!


Ce "sapin" est genial !

karey m.

oy. a new obsession. should i say thanks? or just scurry over to her flickr stream...

both. xoxo.


adorable, the tree, the heart, and a cabinet full of knick knacks, inspirational!!!

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