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December 17, 2008


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LOL. That tree is gorgeous. Such luscious colors and yummy textural bits.


There is a banner there now!! Love those trees, really colourful :-)

I have no tree yet either, must hurry up!!

Merry Christmas and have a wonderful time.

Peonies and Polaroids

Those ribbon trees are fantastic. We don't have a tree yet either and I doubt we're going to get round to getting one. Never mind, we'll put the presents under the geranium plant and wrap the rabbit in tinsel.


These trees and the window...be still my heart...adore ADORE! I wonder is Atelier XT a store, an artist, but go explore some more and figure it out.

It's not YOU, it's typepad...major frustration


OMG, thank you very much for forcing me to spend the last 45 minutes looking at the FABULOUS Atelier XT! HOW in the world can she make so much stuff! It would take me hours to make just ONE bird. And her mirrors put to utter shame the decoupage one I just did for my daughter and I thought I was clever?! OH please to me!


It has not been there for weeks! Today it is. I thought it was my computer or you were changing things. OMG, you are tooooo funny!
LOVE that tree! Begrudingly got mine last night, still lying in driveway.

Helen Cuthbert

Great tree! This would brighten up your home at Christmas! Your header is back by the way ...looks fab!

le petit cabinet de curiosites

Je ne connaissais pas cette marque , leurs produits sont superbe ! Cet arbre de NOel est fantastique !
Merci pour la découverte


It's those sneaky internet gnomes, they do that sometimes..

Corine, are you sure you can't see the english section of my blog?

In every post I write in swedish first and then (in italic) in english.

Could you do me the favour of taking an extra look and let me know? If it doesn't show then those darned internet gnomes have messed my blog up too!;-)

Ps -love the alternative xmas tree!

La Belette Rouge

Hee-hee, your banner was playing hide and seek with you. Nice banner too. Did you make it?

Fifi Flowersd

I see a header... hmmmm... it must've magical re-appeared!


Hilarious!! Cool tree!!

Merry Christmas!!


You always make me laugh.

I bet they would create a banner for you, send them a note.

miss sunrise

Je suis totalement d'accord avec miss youpi! ce sapin irait tellement bien dans ma vitrine! j'avais déjà craqué l'hiver dernier mais pfff m'y suis pas mise!!! j'adore ce qu'elle fait et ses couleurs je n'en parle meme pas....


Exactly! Who needs one with such sense of humor. This reminds me Oilily


moi je vois toujours l'ancienne banniere !
et ces sapins de Noel sont juste geniaux, ca donne envie de commencer a en fabriquer un en janvier pour l'annee prochaine !

vicki archer

Hate to say but I can't see your banner! Who needs one when you have that sublime Christmas tree gracing your page, xv.

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