Hidden In France

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September 26, 2008


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Beautiful symetry with the pictures and your thoughts. I cannot tell you how much I agree.

le petit cabinet de curiosites

I love the ambiance of CUBA !
The patina is unbelievable


Well, you know I just about fell off my chair when I saw these. :p Simply GORGEOUS!!


What a wonderful compilation of greens. These stunning pictures gather everything: beauty, refinement and simplicity, print of the past and usefulness of every object.


I just keep coming back to those pictures, over and over again! Oh wow....
Your words along with them are perfect!

Fifi Flowers

GREAT photos! Travel can be scary... you can virtually travel all over the world via blogs and be safe.
You should visit my site... I'm always taking my readers on VIRTUAL TRAVELS!


Beautiful! both pictures and words...


Great image for such profound and honest words.
I ve tried both in the past self help and therapy and to me it work best together.


Those photographs are incredible and yes it does seem a shame that politics will probably prevent you from visiting such a beautiful and intriguing place. But it is best to keep safe.


You really touched my heart by the choice of pics and where they came from and your words. Alltogether it ended up as poetry.
Life while it is lived.


Oh, how beautiful is that first room. That green green room.
It took my breath away. I wanted to paint it, to blow the picture up wall size so I could wake up and pretend it was my room.
How could you live in those spaces and not walk about as if in a wonderful dream?
Lovely days to you xxx

Liberty Post Editor

First. I've been to Cuba and it truly is beautiful I've been drunk in the 'real' Tropicana - the open aired ceilinged club (think Rickie Ricardo) - I've had Cuban children mob me for gifts. And, I've been treated so rudely because they thought I was American!!! After they realized I was from Canada, they treated me like royalty which pissed me off...anyway...Second. We stayed in a private villa and the 'help' lived in cardboard boxes. Third. My entire existence growing up was funded by my Father's business dealings with Cuban hotels. How ironic. And finally, Fourth. This too shall pass and when you begin a new day, a new attitude will be awaiting you. You are brave. You are lovely. You are perfect.


Wow.... lovely interiors. Somehow, nice to see from afar and glimpse for a moment, but not to live in. Somethings foreign are best admired from afar or at a distance. Keep them a dream-like mystery of what we can only hope would be a magical experience but perhaps best left unexplored.


don't curse pms...squeeze it hard to get the last inch of inspiration out of the tube, but send everyone out of the room while you're wrestling with the cap.

wonderful art work below (RISD grad and writer, lives in LA):
via this site:http://www.book-by-its-cover.com/

read and watch "Like Water for Chocolate".
another book:" i know why the caged bird sings" by maya angelou.
one i picked up just for the title:hypocrite in a poufy white dress by susan jane gilman...hilarious.

eat, pray, love by elizabeth gilbert...one i hesitated to pick up because of the title and hype!

movie: rabbit proof fence and... the whale rider.

and finally: Life of Pi...

suzanne, the Farmer's Wife

Like you, psychotherapy was not an option for me, it was a necessity. I did therapy for five years and it was the most important thing I ever did for myself. It saved my life......no, it gave me my life. You are correct in your assessment that many people will not voluntarily get help and self-help isn't really the answer for tough problems.

Five years in the therapists chair was enough for me. It was at that point that I realized I was living to do therapy instead of using therapy to live. I quit and started putting everything I'd learned to use.

About Cuba - these photos are hauntingly beautiful but it's important not to romanticize Cuba. The people there are mostly living a hardscrabble life WITHOUT the possibility of travel, even within their own country. That's right, they cannot travel even to the other side of their island without government approval.

You will be interested in reading Generation Y, the chronicles of a Cuban woman struggling and blogging (in secret).


- Suzanne


The pictures you show us are always inspiring, but your honest and frank self-revelations are the inspirations that I learn from. Thank-you.

karey m.

i'm so sorry traveling isn't easier for you...i can't even imagine the inspiration that'd overflow if you actually touched some of the beauty you show us every day...

thanks for this post...


I had the great fortune to have therapy for seven years. I was finally able to take control of my life and create one where I could be happy...and I am. It didn't happen over night but I'm here.


Corine, you might like this book, too:



Corine, wow this has hit home for many reasons. One Cuba itself, a beautiful place being canadian our spring breaks were places like cuba...it is beautiful one day i woul like to live there on a boat!

but my head has been spinning, my brain, my heart are disagreeing about every vignette of my life. I have only known self help, it always has been the way for me-but lately i wonder am i missing someone else's insight....

i love you for this precise thing the honesty and the fact although difficult you embrace the fact that there is so much to learn still and i hope for me while lying flat on my death bed although on -although i do imgine a more incredible departure from this planet(you know me)but somehow i think my last words will be in a form of a question!

wow she can talk & talk!sorry

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