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August 13, 2008


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supper cool!!!


Love, love your couch!!!!!I guess you won`t be sitting there being bored. You can look at the drawings or maybe even make some more :)

Melissa Lewis - Off The Wall

That is so cool of you. I bet your boys just thought you were the best mom EVER! And it really looks great too. I love this idea:)

Tsuilin HWANG

May I just say~~~WOOOW!
I was a textile designer and it's the most Avant-Garde pieces I've ever seen.
Maybe it's time to repick up my markers.....

Thanks for sharing


ohlalala corine, mon ami google translation n'est pas très bon, mais en lisant entre les lignes, j'ai trouvé cette idée géniale et graphiquement irrésisitible, en un mot FELICITATIONS

Di Overton

I am absolutely blown away by your sofa. I am so impressed and admire your bravery. BIG CONGRATULATIONS


The couch looks awesome!!! What a great idea to draw on something that kids often draw on anyway...great idea.


Génial ! Moi non plus je n'aurais jamais osé mais le résultat vaut le coup ! Et pour la bouilloire et la couleur j'aurais craqué également !


exciting - you and your boys will smile for years as you look at the couch - so much fun- and you can keep adding to it - a work in progress until there is not a speck of untouched muslin left


well done!! i love it! what a great collection of drawings, i think you have super talented kids (obviously they take after you :-). freckles is gorgeous. px


Love it!


elle l'a fait, elle l'a fait !!! délire ! je n'aurais jamais osé ! mais ça rend super bien, congratulations !


i just gave plain canvas couch cushions to a friend's daughter, and a link to this couch.
told her to JUST DO IT, like the nike mantra!
yours is carefree, light-hearted and inspirational!
next, you might try "bleach pens" on brightly colored canvas...then make pillows.


I LOVE the juxtaposition of the picture in the middle of the psycho-looking, Dante's Inferno-esque dude right next to the very twee, rainbow lollipop forest. What irony! What contradiction! What artistic genius!:) Seriously, it's fabulous. I want to do it too!


this came out great - very smart to weed out the colors!

My Notting Hill

Love the couch!!Wow.


I've only just found your blog and each read proves more that you're a woman after my own heart (particularly after you mentioned M. Gainsbourg...swoon!) We have just acquired the same little ikea sofa on the cheap and plan to host an al fresco couch painting party once the rains stop (if the rains stop?)

Your couch looks wonderful. I'm lovin' the guitar and the patchwork down the arms =)

Freshly Found

Well done on doing something SO adventurous and coming up with such a great result! Very inspiring!


Corine, I think this is the most brilliant family project I have seen! I showed it to my husband who wants to do one for the guest bedroom...we have no kids...let me rephrase that...he is the kid!


that couch idea is the coolest thing ever!!


This looks freaking awesome. And way better than the inspiration couch. LOVE IT!


Yours is soooooooooooooooo much better than the one in the NYT! Bravo! It really looks terrific! BTW, have been reading your blog DAILY since I "found" it a couple of weeks ago! Thank you for existing on the web! Your images and aesthetic inspire me daily!


you = all the artists. (ref above comment)


i am thinking how should i reward you for a job well done.

susan buchanan

how wonderful everyone in the family got into the sofa project...and there
is room for more!i love the guitar!


Loooooooove it!!! Now you need another little chair to sit on, cause I won't be sitting on the couch while I try to read it!!! lol

Rachel Mallon

I think your sofa looks so much better than the inspiration image. Great work! That had to be pretty fun to do.


Franchement je trouve que le résultat est drôlement réussi.
Je m'attendais à un carnage et n'y croyait pas trop, mais je suis bluffée !


I love everything - couch, dog, teakettle, fish!


i love it!!!! you are officially the coolest mom in the world.


HOLY CRAP! I love it. Your dog is too cute. Way to let loose! Looks like you had fun doing it!


cool! it fits so nicely in the room with the pillows and fish. i personally think the idea is cool, at the very least for it being unconventional.

Liberty Post Editor

This is so brave. So very brave and radical and 'artist-like'. I adore your style and you are my champion stylist!


Brilliant! How beautiful and fun it turned out! I am so glad you did it! again my hero!

ps. (did your husband faint!)

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