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March 03, 2008


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As I sit hear reading your blog
and catching up on all your postings over the last month I find myself in the same dilemma.
I'd rather post a comment and catch up on old emails than go down to make dinner. So, dinner
will be late! Ha!!
It's those indulgences that keep us going. Speaking of indulgences "Mom's Night Out" let's put one in the works for mid April. Chow for now...

gwen buchanan

just came across your blog & these are the BEST dog shots I seen...


Corine, I absolutely loved this post, it put a big smile on my face. How well I relate to what you said. I have no answers except to say that we definitely can't live without our indulgences :) And I love those speeding puppy shots!

Tsuilin HWANG

Nice to meet you on the web!
I'm a pottery and a cup maker from Taiwan
This is my blog...
I read your lovely blog everyday and really enjoy it!
May I .... post 3 or 4 photos of this article on my blog?
Because I love the colorful display and will like to share this with my friends.
Thank you very much!

Celine from TAIWAN Taipei


am I sane to subscribe to so many Rss Feeds?
C'est la question que je me pose régulièrement !
Mais le pire c'est que je suis devenue accro !
Je profite de la sieste de mon fils pour faire mon tour des blogs mais horreur malheur il ne veut pas dormir aujourd'hui !


great post corine, i hear ya sista! and i agree with liberty post. and barb's organisation tip is great too. i do believe work CAN be indulgent, it is not a sin, and work does not have to be a bore or a drag. The novel is work and is indulgent and enjoy the process!

PS 15 year olds are great at tidying sinks.

Liberty Post Editor

All I can say is, they must allow smoking downstairs and that's very cool. Oh, and about the other stuff. Just go with the flow. Do what you want when you want and to hell with the sink tidying damn it.


I know what you mean about the blog roll! I went through this weekend and was very honest with myself and got rid of those feeds I had just to had but dont really get anything from (inspiration, hope, creativity) so they went. I had 288 and now have 168, still a lot but today instead of 200 entries to read I had like 75 this morning and that for me is doable and still enjoyable.

Barb McMahon

I don't have kids, but do juggle multiple priorities... I find it helps to divide up my blog reading. One day it's food blogs, another design and so on.

The rest goes in order of urgency.

And yes, taking care of yourself has to be a priority, too.


Kids need happy fulfilled mothers. Well, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it. And I shall treat any comments I receive from you in future as rare and special gifts...

(Your Google Reader does sound exhausting though. Most of the new posts I have to get through come courtesy of Perez Hilton...)


comment je prioritize ? je surfe en attendant que mon mari revienne de l'hopital avec mon bébé, shame on me ! (pour ma défense, rien de grave, ouf !!)
et tu me fais bien rire, comme d'hab, donc ton blogging m'est indispensable et utile, CQFD !

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