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February 25, 2008


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I read your blog it is really good. Never I have heared about this film.


un jour, oui, oui, un jour je parlerais anglais… comme marion!!!!

this is glamorous

I would agree about No Country for Old Men--exceptionally dark and depressing and violent. Have yet to see Lust, Caution, but surely it must be better.

karey m.

a few kind words and maybe a lovely bauble for you on mackin ink.

so so so grateful for your kindness. hope you know that.

Design for Mankind

You have such a LOVELY blog!!! :)


Wow...I LOVE your garden!!! And way to overcome obstacles! :D You SHOULD enter it!!

I haven't watched any of the movies you mentioned, and I don't intend to, lol. The emotional trauma is beyond my ability to handle right now. :p


Go and see La Vie En Rose...

Yes the way the crazy ass editing jumps all over the place is a bit annoying but Cotillard is an absolute revelation. It really is a tour de force.

The most amazing thing is that she is on screen for the entire film and never once does she look beautiful. And then you see her in your clip or at the Oscars and wonder how that could possibly be the case.

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