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February 20, 2008


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you made me laugh! i had seen these pics and thought "how sad" also thought "how nervy" to attempt taking on Marilyn...as if she could! what it really speaks volumes about however, is our culture's celeb obsession that borders on idol worship!

miss sunrise

je dirais meme "complètement raté"! je n'avais pas fait de comment sur cette série photo mais je suis totalement d'accord sur le fait qu'ils auraient tous mieux fait de s'abstenir.....
merci pour l'adorable mail. j'étais en vacances et je m'étais un peu éloignée mais il m'a fait très plaisir. me revoilà enfin dan sla réalité et c'est avec plaisir que je viens sur ton blog. à très bientôt....

this is glamorous

The image of Lindsay lying on the bed is a bit disturbing and completely unflattering . . . That being said, I loved your comparisons of the two and your commentary was hilarious :)


i don't know what to say. is this shoot for real? you are so right, i can't even start on everything wrong. wow, i am seriously speechless.


I am so glad to see the originals, as well. I was hoping someone would do that! I thought Ginnia Bellafonte at the NYTimes got it spot on:

"At 21 she seems even older than Monroe, who was 36 in the originals, and hardened by her excesses. The photographs bear none of Monroe’s fragility."



encore une bonne tranche de rigolade, et j'en avais besoin, merci !

Liberty Post Editor

Hello! I'm giving you the 'You Make My Day Award'. All the details are on my blog!


Your right Corine, this is just not working!!!!! So wrong. And as for that WIG does the photographer need glasses. :-)


No one can touch Marilyn.
I do agree that Miss Lindsey is a beautiful girl, but come on!
I will now go and find a French to English dictionary to decipher a couple of your words, I am sure I will enjoy them.

Sandra Evertson

Funny, don't quite know what to make of this either!
Sandra Evertson


maybe its me...cant say i like these pictures :(


I agree -- I was posting about this yesterday, though I love how you juxtaposed the photos. The only thing I can see that is even remotely "similar" here is that Marilyn was at the stage where alcohol had blurred and taken over her life (never mind the pills); you can see the same ravages in Lohan in that final photo.


I just got this in the mail today and I've spent all day thinking "I don't get it." Why make mediocre reproductions of great photos? Why not have Lohan do her own unique photo shoot that can stand on its own?
Glad to know someone else had the same reaction.


Great juxtaposition of the originals and the remakes! It makes it that more interesting to look at the similarities and differences. Your comments are hilarious Corine! Nice post :)

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