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February 29, 2008


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french humor

The birds are amazing

Jen Heimert

corine, I feel so silly, you mention Deyrolle above!! of course you already know about it!!!

Jen Heimert

Hi corine, I just found your blog and I really love it. I love the bird lamp too and just sent it to my husband to see what he thinks. I was in Paris a few weeks ago and happened upon an amazing store, Deyrolle, a taxidermy store. On the rue de Bac, "hidden" (I had not read about it anywhere).

ny custom furniture

A wonderful blog...I had to stop by and comment...incredible is definitely the most suitable word.The parakeet collection is very interesting and the parakeets on the shoes and sandals.

nadia  Dole

Can I say how much I love this post!


I can't believe those are espadrilles. It's amazing how far such a traditionally simple shoe can come. Too pretty.


I absolutely love espadrilles.Litterally live in them in the Summer. And I have posted about Melle Cotillard, about a week ago. "A Good Year" is a fresh, lovely movie. Have you seen her in La Mome? She was just incredible!
Have a great time.


those shoes! they are amazing! i really want a pair... they look perfect for a summer stroll! :)


Is it weird that I like garish? I like garish. It's fun!


Thank you for your ideas ! As our friends are a couple I think I will search for a painting or a "bust".. I will show you when I find it ! We see our friends at the end of may, so we have time...


I would adore just about anything and everything I see here! Sorry, not a real suggestion, but I need to get back and look at those espadrilles again...so CUTE!!


ps Thank you for the movie tip!


Hi Corine,
Beautiful post, and nice espadrilles! NO, not to girly for me!
Well, I love everything Hermes!
For Nutella's budget she could get a small pocket scarf and a leather and silver bracelet and still have money to buy a some lavender wands from Provence!

Have a great rest of this weekend!


we have nutella here though not widely used and talking about diet.....time to start, i've been thinking about it for months and that's all i did - think.
as for espadrilles- i love them-all of them, wished we have something like that here, and the girlier the better :)

Liberty Post Editor

A small painting from the street. That would be so sweet.


When I was in Paris I really wanted to find a scarf...soft, flowing, the right 'springtime-in-paris' colors, but couldn't.
*That* would be a gift that would please me.

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