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June 25, 2007


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je préfère l'anonymat de YoupiTouch ;-)


Annechovie: Let's live dangerously, I agree.

Youpigirl: aha! Un travail superbe de detective! A vrais dire je ne sais pas. La website de sarut parle des createurs: http://www.thesarutgroup.com/infosarut.php?. Ceci dit Pylone semble avoir des choses differentes, par exemple un toaster mirifique et japonisant que j'adore. Au fait, dois-je t'apeller muriel or youpitouch?

julie at anothershadeofgrey

So bright and cheerful.


j'ai un peu de mal a voir le lien de thesarutgroup avec la marque Pylones qui edite ces objets (que j'aime beaucoup !)
c'est la meme societe ??


Oooo -- I want the toaster! (Looked at your flower paintings and they're delightful!)


I love this line! I have been coveting one of these toasters for years! Only the French could come up with such a colorful and refreshing alternative to the boring stainless steel model that's so pervasive in American homes. When I wanted to purchase this for my kitchen, I was told that these were "circus colors" by a close relation who shall remain nameless....I say then, "long live circus colors and French style!" I am going to get one, hang the opposition!

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